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Chain conveyor

【Conveying Speed】: 1.25-2.0m/s

【Conveying Distance】:10-40m

【Conveying Capacity】:30-480t/h

【Application】:Sand material field, mining, metallurgy, ore beneficiation, coal mining, etc.

Product Introduction

It has the advantages of simle structure, large delivery capacity, simple structure, convenient maintenance and standardized components.It is widely used in the fields such as mining, metallurgy and coal to convey incompact materials or the end product materials. To meet different layout operating line demands, materials can be conveyed by single machine or several machines or even combination with other conveying facilities.

Chain conveyor can work under the tempreture between -20℃ and +40℃. The tempreture of materials to convey should be below 50℃.


1. Large capacity long distance transport transport smoothly;
2. Without relative motion between material and conveyor the noise is low;
3. Simple structure convenient maintenance lower energy consumption high standardization degree of components.

Technical Parameter

Model YXLX-20 YXLX-40 YXLX-60 YXLX-80 YXLX-20 YXLX-40 YXLX-60 YXLX-80
Pro-capability (t/h) 20 40 60 80 20 40 60 80
Conveying Distance (m)          5~40           40~100  
Chain Speed(m/s)   0.35       0.35    
Chain Pitch (mm) 100   125   100   125  
Scraper Spacing(mm) 400   500   400   500  
Conveying Semidiameter(mm) 150 200 250 300 150 200 250 300
Motor Power(kW)         7.5~30        (7.5~30)×2  

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