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Activated carbon kiln|Furnace

【Raw materials】: Sawdust, rice husk, peanut shell, plant straw and bark

【Delivery】:15-30 days

【Application】:Activated carbon kiln is suitable for large-scale activated carbon project.

Product Introduction

The activated carbon which is mainly composed of high carbon content of the material, such as wood, coal, shell, bone, petroleum residue. But to coconut shell as the most commonly used raw materials, under the same conditions, coconut shell active quality and other characteristics are the best, because it has the largest surface area.
Zhengzhou TaiDa activated carbon rotary kiln are widely applied in the active carbon, ceramic sand, clay, clay, clayey silt, fly ash, slag, shale, dolomite, kaolin clay, bauxite, refractory furnace charge, cement, limestone, iron, titanium bauxite ore, activated carbon, coke, mineral powder, aluminum oxide, magnesium oxide, zinc oxide, special cement and other material ceramsite calcined and production.


Description: It is an ideal device to distill effectively granulates whose volumes are below 15 millimeters, such as sawdust, rice husk, peanut shell, plant straw and bark. In the process of carbonization, Carbonization furnace recycles CO, methan and O2 produced in the process of carbonization. Then it will purify these combustible gases for circulating combustion, which can not only eliminate the pollution, but also can provide thermal engergy for the whole process. This self-supply method improves the consistence and economy of equipment and makes full ues of residues. Therefore, a lack of forest resources in our country can be relieved, which makes great contribution to envrironmental protection.
Structure: Active carbon furnace is divided into two types, continuous carbonization furnace and full-automatic continuous carbonization furnace.
Continuous carbonization furnace: It consists of biomass gasifier, flue gas cleaner, burner, fan and carbonization furnace.
Full automatic continuous carbonization furnace: The whole equipment consists of gasifier system (gasifier furnace, spray tower and dedustor), purification system (spray tower, decantor and filter), carbonization system (carbonization host, screw feeder, screw discharger, cooling discharger, conveyor, finished product cooling bin) and control system (control caninet).
Working principle: It adopts special design where the drying process and carbonization are in the same rotary drum. Drying happens inside while carbonization happens outside. Moisture content is discharged automatically, which greatly improves working efficiency. No matter in terms of quality or efficiency, customers’ demand can be met. The carbonization process is generally divided in three temperature stages, drying process, initial carbonization stage and overall carbonization process. In the process of drying, the temperature of furnace rises to 160 degree celsius. The evoporation mainly depends on external heating and self burning. Chemical components of materials haven’t been changed. In the process of initial carbonizaton, the temperature of furnace rises to 160 to 280 degree celsius owing to self-burning of materials. There is thermal decomposition happens in Wood materials whose chemical components have been changed. In the process of overall carbonization, thermal decompostion of wood materials is carried out sharply. Meanwhile, a great amount of ethylic acid, carbinol, wood tar oil and some combustible gas. Thermal decompostion and gas combustion produce a lot of heat which makes the temperature of furnace rise. Wood materials are distilled to carbon thanks to high temperature.
Application: It is widely used to process granulates whose volume are below 15 millimeters, such as sawdust, rice husk, peanut shell, plant straw and bark.
u Most environmentally friendly; filtered coal gas can be used fully; waste gas meet the emission standard; no cooling waste water with ammonia content is discharged;
u Short carbonization time; it costs only 4 hours or less to finish carbonization; save labor force; one person can operate not only one  furnace at the same time.
u Consistent production;
u Total seal equipment for coke quenching;
u Carbonization temperature can be adjusted;
u High heat-transfer and high abrasion-resistant materials lead to high efficiency;
u All coal gas is sent back to furnace for reutilization, which causes no waste gas pollution;

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