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Biomass briquette machine
【Production Capacity】:300-1500kg/h
Motor Power】:10-30kw
【Main Features】:Widely usage, high capacity
【Quality Assurance】:CE  ISO9001
1.High quality and efficiency 
2.Long service life 
4.Ball press with ISO9001:2000
Ball press machine application:
Ball press machine is mainly used for high-density metal scrap (scrap iron, copper scrap, aluminum scrap, etc.), granular powder metal powder (iron powder, aluminum powder, copper powder, lead powder, etc.) , metallurgical additives, sponge iron, biomass,etc., without adding any binder pressed into the case of cylindrical cakes of high-density block (weight 2-8 kg), the cake density of up to 5T/M3 block above (the different raw materials, press out the cake block density and not quantity is not the same), pressed into the cake pieces can be directly cast furnace use.

Ball press machine Features: 
1. High quality and efficiency 
2. Long Service life 
3. Low-consumption,energy saving
Working Principle:
This series of ball press machine will pass the power on to the two pressure roller through the reducer.The two sides and roll rotation, in both the rotating roll,Natural materials to enter the ball roll mode, with the roll rotation, material pressure on a small become larger, When the material to the two rollers rotating line contact point, the pressure of materials has reached the peak. Tremendous pressure in the role of line, the materials become a finished product from the powder ball. 
After-sale services:
1. We will supply the most suitable crushing plant to customers according to their requirements.
2. Assist clients to prepare for the first construction scheme, we will supply the Machine Base drawing and Installation manual.
3. For the Installation, we will dispatch two or three engineers to guide the installation, take the trial test, train their worker, debug the equipment, adjust the capacity etc if you need.
4. The regular inspection and maintenance will be supplied on time.
Model Reducer speed ratio The dimension of pressing roll speed of main shaft(r/min) Power of motor
TD360-4 ZQ350 1:31.5 Φ360*250 15-17 7.5 3-5
TD 360-2 ZQ350 1:31.5 Φ360*250 15-17 7.5 3-5
TD 400-4 ZQ400 1:31.5 Φ400*250 15-17 11 4-7
TD 400-2 ZQ400 1:31.5 Φ400*250 15-17 7.5 4-7
TD 430-4 ZQ400 1:31.5 Φ430*250 15-17 11 5-8
TD 430-2 ZQ400 1:31.5 Φ430*250 15-17 7.5 5-8
TD 500-4 ZQ500 1:31.5 Φ500*350 15-17 22 8-10
TD 500-2 ZQ500 1:31.5 Φ500*350 15-17 15 8-10
TD 650-4 ZQ650 1:31.5 Φ650*350 15-17 30 12-20
TD 650-2 ZQ650 1:31.5 Φ650*350 15-17 22 12-20
TD 750-4 ZQ750 1:31.5 Φ750*380 14-16 30  25-30
TD 850-4 ZQ850 1:31.5 Φ850*436 14-16 37 35-40
TD 1000-4 ZQ1000 1:31.5 Φ1000*530 14-16 45 40-45


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