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Chemical rotary kiln

【Delivery】:15-30 days

【Application】:Widely used for roasting process in chemical industry.

Description: Chemical rotary kiln is used for roasting process in chemeical industry. It is mianly applied to calcinating chemical clinker. It is divided into two types, wet type and dry type. It adopts DC motor and DC inverter cabinet to realize stepless speed regulation. It uses hydraulic catch wheel equipment to realize the up-down movement of rotary kiln. Temperature control department consists of infrared measurement outside the rotary kiln and thermocouple inside, which achieves automatic control. There is a TV monitor flame system combining with central control cabinet, which makes whole operation safe and steady.
Structure: It mainly consists of supporting device, catch wheel device, driving device and seal device.
Working principle: After passing through belt measurement scale, belt conveyor, feed bin and wind blockage valve, raw materials are fed into the end of the kiln from storage. At the end of the kiln, only one stability silo is set to save investment. After entering the rotary kiln, raw materials are heated first. Then they will move in the opposite direction of hot air. In heating area, after being heated to required temperature, raw materials enter into reducing zone. Temperature of flame center is controlled about 1000 degrees celsius. Hot air in reducing zone is controlled at 700 degree celsius. Then, hot atomesphere is deoxidized to magnetic by reacting with reducing gas. Then they enter into cooling part and meet coal gas which will be preheated. After being cooled, materials are discharged out of the kiln and sent to storage by continuous bucket conveyor.
Application: As a kind of rotary kiln used for calcinating various raw materials, it is widely applied to ferrous metallurgy, nonferrous metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, nonmetallic ore, fireproofing materials, paper making and environmental protection.
u High volume, long lifespan;
u High working efficiency, stable operation;
u High thermal transfer efficiency, low thermal consumption;
u High production capacity;
u Advanced principal axis;
u Various seal form can be chosen according to different kilns;
u Adopt different seal arrangements to gurantee good seal effects.

Output(t/h) Rotation speed(r/min) Motor power(kw) Weight
Ø1.4*33 0.9-1.3 0.39-3.96 18.5 47.5
Ø1.6*36 1.2-1.9 0.26-2.63 22 52
Ø1.8*45 1.9-2.4 0.16-1.62 30 78.2
Ø1.9*39 1.65-3 0.29-2.93 30 77.59
Ø2.0*40 2.5-4 0.23-2.26 37 119.1
Ø2.2*45 3.4-5.4 0.21-2.44 45 128.3
Ø2.5*40 9.0-10.5 0.44-2.44 55 149.61
Ø2.5*50 6.25-7.4 0.62-1.86 55 187.37
Ø2.5*54 6.9-8.5 0.48-1.45 55 196.29
Ø2.7*42 10.0-11.0 0.10-1.52 55 198.5
Ø2.8*44 12.5-13.5 0.437-2.18 55 201.58
Ø3.0*45 12.8-14.5 0.5-2.47 75 210.94


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