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Direct-Heating Air Furnace

【Rated heating capacity】 200,000~2000,000kcal/h 
【Hot air temperature】 200~650℃ 
【Fuel】wood, coal and others
【Application】 It is widely used for heating, damp removing of pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, foodstuff, textile, printing and dyeing, food,   grain processing, etc 
Direct-heating air furnace is one kind of heating equipment used for the fields that do not have strict request on product appearance. This product has the feature of complete combustion and energy saving.

Working principle

Cool air is preheated repeatedly in furnace chamber and then enters into the furnace cavity with the negative pressure caused by draught fan. The produced hot air can be directly sent to drying equipment such as rotary dryers.
The direct-heating furnace, is mainly made of three parts, such as furnace hearth, setting pocket and mixing room

The temperature is very high in the space between the setting pocket and the mixing room, to make the volatile combustible air burn sufficiently

The fuel is filled in by the furnace door, which forms burning layers on the grate

The air needed for combustion enters from the ashpit, through the grate and burning layers to make fuel burn sufficiently

Ash slags drop into the ashbin and discharged out of the ashpit

The combustion products (flue gas) in the chamber, through burning room, divided into ash and fire sparks by the setting pocket, then enters the mixing room, and pressed into the hot air room of the dryer after have been mixed with cold air to reach the temperature required

Auxiliary air gets preheated and enters the chamber to make the unburnt volatile and small carbon granules burn further

In order that the slags and sparks are not carried away by cold air, the cold air inlet is set behind the setting pocket and spark quenching device and higher than setting pocket

When fire is made in the chamber, the coal smoke produced enters the chimney by the passage and exhaust into the space

At the same time, when the dryer closes down or goes wrong, the flue gas can also be led out from the chimney

The temperature of the hot air can be adjusted by cold air door or hot air door

Fan model Weight
Coal consumption (kg/t/h) Heat value (Kcal)
1.3*1.5m 600-800 Y5-47-7c 7.5t 15 1,000,000-1,200,000
1.2*1.4m 500-650 Y5-47-6c 7t 15 800,000-1,000,000
1.0*1.2m 400-500 Y5-47-6c 6t 15 700,000-800,000
0.8*1.0m 300-400 Y5-47-5c 5t 15 600,000


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