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Product Introduction

  TDICA continuous carbonization furnace is a kind of machine which integrates rotary drum carbonization furnace nad dryer into a whole. With special design, TDICA carbonization furnace needs no seperate dryer. Drying and carbonization process can be finished in one furnace. Drying is finished inside and carbonization is finished outside, which greatly improve carbonization efficiency. No matter considering from product quality or working efficiency, TDICA can meet different customers' demands and have enjoyed wide recognition among customers. 

external heating dryer


1. strong overload resistance capacity, large capacity, low fuel consumption, low drying cost;
2. the dryer adopts downstream drying method, hot air enters into the dryer with wet material, which obtains high evaporation intensity by high temperature air; temperature in dryer outlet is low, with high thermal efficiency;
3. the dryer can change operating parameters according to different material properties, with high quality and sufficient heat exchange;
4. the dryer adopts new feeding and discharging devices, putting an end to feeding jam, discontinuity, non-uniform phenomenons of vertical dryer, reducing the load of dust-removing system;
5. the dryer achieves "zero horizontal thrust", greatly reducing the wear of gear wheel;
6. the dryer adopts self-aligning roller device, wheel and roller ring contact each other in a line, thereby greatly reducing wear and power loss;
7.product moisture can be controlled according to user requirements.

Technical Parameter

   Model Output Capacity 
Power Driving motor  Overal Dimensions (L×W×H)
TDICA0.6 300-500 5.5 Frequency control 10*1.1*1.2
TDICA0.8 400-600 7.5 12*1.3*1.5
TDICA1.0 500-800 11 12*1.5*1.7
TDICA1.2 700-1200 15 14*1.7*1.8
TDICA1.5 1000-1500 18.5 14*2*2.2
TDICA1.6 1500-1800 22 17*2.1*2.2
TDICA1.8 1800-2500 30 20*2.3*2.5
TDICA2.0 2700-3200 37 20*2.5*2.7
TDICA2.2 3200-4000 45 20*2.7*2.8
TDICA2.5 4000-5000 55 20*3*3.1
TDICA3.0 5000-6000 75 20*3.5*3.8

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