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Fruits marc mesh belt dryer



【Heat Source】:Coal,oil,natural gas,timber,biomass burner.

【Drying Materials】: Vinasse, pomace,marc, medicine dregs, bean dregs, sugar residue, soya residue,mining powder and so on.

Brief introduction about Marc dryer: 
Marc is a kind of bound water, large oil-based materials, water is not easily to remove. According to this, we developed a complete equipment of dehydration drying equipment for pomace,marc,beandregs,soybean,curb,residue.Fruits marc mesh belt dryer can be widely used in chemical, food, medicine, building materials, electronics and other industries, especially suitable for the Sheet, strip and particle materials.etc.
First, materials was dehydrated through high pressure. Most of the water is lost in this way just in a minute. Then the materials enter into the dryer. 
 The materials and the dry fresh hot air moving in the opposite direction under the effect of a special scraping wings(pusher plate) and dry-hot wind. This process is a little long, the temperature is relatively low and the material is running slowly. The dryer is a downstream drying and the outlet temperature is only 40. The whole drying process can fully use the thermal energy and the beandregs even heated so the toasted beandregs can have a good color, no burning material and low consumption. 

Mechanical structure and working principle: 
Marc dryer consists of the heat source, feeding machine, rotary drum, discharging machine, induced draft fan, discharge devices, and distribution cabinet. The wet material is put into the dryer after dehydration. The material can disperse evenly and contact fully with the hot air in the dryer through the stirring of the plate which is in the roller. Thus quicken the speed of drying, heat transfering and mass transfering. In the process of drying, the material can be sent out by the star unloading valve which is in the other end of the dryer under the action of the gradient plate and the hot mass. 
The technological and all equipments' parameter, structure of the production line are being careful analysis and verified by the experiment of drying the bean dregs, We fully take into account the large moisture content, high protein levels, big viscous and adopted a series of unique original technology to solve these problem to ensure a perfect drying results.

Modle Shape(m) Effective drying length (each layer/m) Power(kw) Capacity(T/h)
10mx3 layer 12.5*2.44*2.96 10 2.2 5-8
20mx3 layer 22.5*2.44*2.96 20 5.5 10-15
30mx3 layer 32.5*2.44*2.96 30 5.5*2 15-20
12mx5 layer 12.5*2.44*3.5 10 7.5 13-18
20mx5 layer 22.5*2.44*3.5 20 15 20-25
30mx5 layer 32.5*2.44*3.5 30 18.5 25-30


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