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Mesh-belt Drying equipment



【Heat Source】:Coal,oil,natural gas,timber,biomass burner.

【Drying Materials】:Sugar residue, soya residue,mining powder and so on.vegetable, fruit, herbal medicine.

Application of Mesh-belt Drying equipment:
TAIDA series belt dryer is a kind of automatic and continuous drying equipment. With good ventilation, it is used for drying piece, noodle shape and granule products. This machine is also suitable for producing dehydration vegetable, fruit, herbal medicine and others which asks high moisture content but low drying temperature. The machine owns many advantages such as fast drying speed, high evaporation strength and productivity.
Working Principle of Mesh-belt Drying equipment:
The materials are uniformly loaded on the mesh-belt by feeder. The mesh-belt generally uses 12 - 60 mesh stainless steel screen. It is drawn and moved into mesh belt dryer by a transmission device. The drier is composed of several units. For each unit, the hot air is circulated separately. Temperature in each unit is separately controlled. Air blowing speed and exhausting humidity is also measured by probes.
Drying process:
Hot air passes through the mesh-belt from the top to the bottom or vice versa, which makes the heat and mass transfer process completed. The air pipe of the top is connected with fan where one part of air is circulated. Some exhaust gas is discharged by a special moisture exhausting blower. Other waste gas is controlled through an adjustment valve. The unit amounts can be decided according to real demand.

Modle Shape(m) Effective drying length (each layer/m) Power(kw) Capacity(T/h)
10mx3 layer 12.5*2.44*2.96 10 2.2 5-8
20mx3 layer 22.5*2.44*2.96 20 5.5 10-15
30mx3 layer 32.5*2.44*2.96 30 5.5*2 15-20
12mx5 layer 12.5*2.44*3.5 10 7.5 13-18
20mx5 layer 22.5*2.44*3.5 20 15 20-25
30mx5 layer 32.5*2.44*3.5 30 18.5 25-30


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