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Pollution-Free Furnace

【Application】dryer machine, boiler ,industry furnace and others
【Rated heating capacity】 200,000~2000,000kcal/h
【Hot air temperature】 200~650℃

Product Introduction


Pollution-free Furnace 

Fuel coal is elevated into the storage hopper through a bucket elevator and then delivered into the furnace chamber automatically with the slow movement of grates. For different fuel coal, the corresponding combinations of trimmer arch and real arch are designed, which can ensure the complete and timely combustion of fuel. A secondary combustion chamber is set above the arch to make sure that fuel can be burned completely and efficiently. With the movement of grates, the formed slag enters the following slag remover and get discharged out of the system. The generated high-temperature flue gas, together with a little of ash, flows from the secondary combustion chamber into high-temperature flue gas dust collector, where most ash can be removed. Then the left high-temperature gas enters the tubular heat exchanger, exchanging heat with cold air. The heated air is then taken into the drying equipment. Through circulating fan, parts of the cooled flue gas is taken back to the combustion chamber for the temperature regulation of outlet flue gas. Others will be dealt with the desulfurization deduster, extracted by the draught fan and discharged in the chimney.

Combustion furnace, high-temperature dust pre-collector, heat exchanger, coal bucket elevator, grate reducer, slag scraper remover, electric control equipment, blower, circulating fan, hot-air blower, flue gas draught fan, deduster, flue and chimney.

Product features
1.The combustion furnace uses chain grates with stepless speed regulation. The processes of feeding and dedusting are performed automatically. The operation is simple and the temperature of flue gas is steady. Combustion furnaces can be customized based on customers’ requirement and technical parameters. More choices of automatic chain-grate furnace, manual feeding furnace, fluidized bed furnace and other furnace product are offered.
2.The combustion furnace adopts independent plenum, which is good for air flow regulation, fuel combustion and operation.
3. The combination of tall narrow trimmer arch and short wide rear arch is scientific and proper. The coverage rate of double arch is above 70%, which ensure the complete combustion. This furnace product is applicable for various fuel coal and other biomass fuel. 
4.Free of the unnecessary damage caused by transportation, our combustion furnaces are installed on site and therefore have longer working life.
5.Exchangers and combustion furnace are separate, which is convenient for equipment installation, plant distribution and maintenance.
6.Heat exchangers are tubular multi-stage series exchangers 
7.Materials and tube types of heat exchanger:
First stage(high-temperature section): The tube and tube sheet in first half section separately adopts  al-diffused pipe and 304/310 stainless steel; the tube and tube sheet in second half section separately adopts 20# boiler pipe (processed into screwed pipe)and carbon steel.
Second to forth stage: The tube and tube sheet separately adopts 20# boiler pipe and Q235-A carbon steel
8.The design, reducing the flue gas temperature in exchanger outlet and temperature difference between air and flue gas, can largely lower the wall temperature in high-temperature section and extend the working life.
9.The adoption of flue gas circulation system can lower the flue gas temperature. Flue gas is usually at the temperature of 800-1000℃ and if not controlled, it would cause damage to the heat exchanger. The traditional method to solve this problem is opening the furnace door and pumping in a lot of cool air, which is simple but wasteful. Our designed circulation system can otherwise save at least 10% energy.
10.The flow design of heat-transfer mediate is that flue gas flows outside tube and air flows inside tube, which is good for sufficient contact between medium and tubes. The configuration and manufacture is simple and freely expandable without relevant parts.
11.To solve the problems of ash deposition in tubular exchanger, we design a kind of high-temperature deduster. 80% ash in high-temperature flue gas is removed through deduster before it enters heat exchanger. The left can be taken out of the exchanger by gas flow and hard to deposit. This technique has been authorized national patents and can extend the cleaning period for years.
12.Exhaust gas can be disposed according to the requirement of local environment department. Currently we offer two methods for our customers,  which are ‘dedusting’ and ‘dedusting plus desulfuration’

Technical Parameters
Rated Heat Supply:30~900×104kcal/h
Hot Air Temperature:60~650℃
Note: Accept Customization


Technical Parameter

Technical Parameters
Rated Heat Supply:30~900×104kcal/h
Hot Air Temperature:60~650℃
Note: Accept Customization

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