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Pomace dryer

【Capacity】: 0.55-40t/h


【Heat Source】:Coal,oil,natural gas,timber,biomass burner.

【Drying Materials】:Humidity materials like mud, gypsum, slurry, bentonite, vinasse, pomace, medicine dregs, bean dregs, sugar residue, soya residue,mining powder and so on.

TAIDA Pomace Dryer Features:

Pomace has the characteristics of easy bonding,high moisture content, high sugar content.After years of research, in order to ensure good drying effect,we developed an unique pomace drying equipment,using a series of innovative technology.The technological and all equipments' parameter,structure of the production line are being careful analysis and verified by the experiment of drying the bean dregs, we fully take into account the large moisture content, high protein levels, big viscous and adopted a series of unique original technology to solve these problem to ensure a perfect drying results.
Pomace drying equipment is mainly composed of heating source (hot blast stove, spray pulverized coal furnace or gas producer), feeder (scattered machine), charging and discharging equipment, drum dryer, dust removal system, electric control system, high and low temperature pipelines and other equipment.
it can solve all kinds of technical problems in the process of pomace drying.the pomace dryer is suitable for drying apple pomace, pineapple,vinasse,orange pomace,cherry,etc.
The Advantages of TAIDA Pomace Dryer:
1.High degree of mechanization, large production capacity, continuous option;
2.Simple and excellent structure, material running smoothly through the cylinder, operating convenience;
3.Less mechanical failure, low maintain charge, low power consumption
Uniformity of drying product is good;
4.Drying production line using a special scattered installations to ensure the dryer's drying effect;
5.Use innovative and unique sealing device, and sophisticated keep-warm system;
6.Thus reduce the coal consumption of the system effectively;
7.The whole system holds a good performance of sealing;
8.It also has a complete dust removal equipment;
9.There is no dust spilling;
10.It still has a good operating environment;
11.The whole drying system uses electric centralized control, auto-control of temperature for hot air, high automation and convenient operation.

TAIDA Pomace Dryer's Applications & Materials:
It is typically used to dry high humidity materials like mud, gypsum, slurry, bentonite, vinasse, pomace, medicine dregs, bean dregs, sugar residue, soya residue, peat and rare earth as well as muddy, particle and flake organic and inorganic compound, chemical materials. The particle size of the materials dried by the hot air dryer is 2-5mm, and the materials are under low temperature which makes the dryer applied to heat sensitivity materials.

Type (mm) Inlet air tempreture (° C) power (KW) Pro-capacity (t/h) weight (T)
Φ 600x6000 ≤ 700 3 0.5-1.5 2.9
Φ 800x8000 ≤ 700 4 0.8-2.0 3.5
Φ 800x10000 ≤ 700 4 0.8-2.5 4.5
Φ 1000x10000 ≤ 700 5.5 1.0-3.5 5.6
Φ 1200x10000 ≤ 700 7.5 1.8-5 14.5
Φ 1200x12000 ≤ 700 11 2-6 14.8
Φ 1500x12000 ≤ 800 15 3.5-9 17.8
Φ 1800x12000 ≤ 800 18 5-12 25
Φ 2200x12000 ≤ 800 18.5 6-15 33
Φ 2200x18000 ≤ 800 22 10-18 53
Φ 2200x20000 ≤ 800 30 12-20 56
Φ 2400x20000 ≤ 800 37 18-30 60
Φ 3000x20000 ≤ 800 55 25-35 78
Φ 3000x25000 ≤ 800 75 32-40 104.9
Φ 3600x29000 ≤ 800 110 35-50 150


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