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Tailings drying emission process


It is mainly used for the concentration of tailings, dehydration process, achieving the purpose of the dry tailings stack, thus to avoid the environment pollution, it is the first choice for the implementation of green technology.

Especial process advantages:
1. Tailings concentrations highly exceed national standards;
2. Good tailings dewatering;
3. Using three kinds of proprietary equipment for dehydration in due order: XBM concentrated hydro-cyclone + high efficiency deep cone thickener + high efficient multiple frequency  dehydration screen, the final concentration of more than 85%, to achieve dry emissions;
4. Low investment;
5. Production lines running cost is low;
6. Dry tailings emission process by unique combination of equipment makes a small investment in equipment and civil construction investment and also high efficiency dehydration effect, low energy consumption, longer using life and further reducing operating costs by Xingbang Heavy Machinery;
7. Long using life;
8. Tailings drying emission process used wear-resistant rubber liner, abrasion index is up to 128%, and we can use the different characteristics of the rubber lining according to the specific nature of the pulp ore, a wide range of applications. The whole production line of using life is 2 times than the normal equipments,  reduces much maintenance costs and operating costs reduced by 2 yuan / ton at least;
Equipment improvement:
Xingbang dry tailings emission process applied to the three kinds of self-developed countries patented equipment to provide effective protection for the tailings enrichment process: 
1. Xingbang concentrated hydro-cyclone biggest improvement is a siphon device which set in the upper and set fishtail device in the bottom (already obtained national patent), by adjusting the siphon device to control the size of the underflow concentration, generally adjust to 75%, so reduce much cost for the thickener needed for tailings drying emission process;
2. Efficient deep cone thickener adapt multi-cone inclined plate which increase the size of the settlement thickener, so the settlement area of the thickener increases 8 times, thus improve underflow concentration and processing capability; 
3. Efficient multi-frequency dewatering screen adapt unique structure, with multi-frequency vibration motor, so the pulp particles are not easily pass through the sieve with higher efficiency of dehydration. 
4. Dry tailings emission process applied to the equipments is a longer service life and reduce operating costs.

Processing result:
1. Final moisture of the tailings is less than 15%;
2. Saving cost: RMB 2 yuan/ton, compared to traditional system;
3. Equipments using life is 2 times than traditional process, low maintenance costs; application of mine has been awarded the "green mining" more times.



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