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Sludge Drying Project

Project Introduction
         Sludge drying project is an efficient drying system,to achieve the effect of deodorization and sterilization in the dewatering and drying process.After drying,sludge moisture content could be reduced to 20% from a very higher moisture content.And the volume of sludge is smaller than before ,usuall just 1/5 of the original.Using the sludge drying project,sludge which regarded as pollution of the environment tunrn into fertilizer,fuel and other useful product.So the drying project is the first chooses of sludge disposal method instead of the traditional landfill.


【Input Moisture】: 60%-90%

Feed Size: 0.1mm

【Capacity】: 0.5-50T/h


Sludge, white clay, printing and dyeing sludge, municipal sewage sludge, sewage sludge and activated sludge, electroplating, papermaking, chemical industry, oil field sludge sludge sludge, slime, gypsum, peat, organic, inorganic compound mud powder, granular, flake high wet materials.


【Picture of material:



Applications after drying



Heavy metal Recycling

Smelters, printed circuit board, electroplating factories and other factories in the wastewater treatment process, which
producesthe sludge contains large amounts of heavy metals (copper, nickel, gold, silver, etc.), these metal components
will be a majorpollution.But if we smelting and extracting considerable wiil they be economic benefits available.


The sludge after drying, the heat value is about 1300-1500 kcal, three tons of dried sludge equivalent to one tonne of
coal can be mixed with coal-fired combustion in the boiler, a tons of dried sludge to produce one ton steam. 

Generate electricity

Used to generate electricity, the heat value of up to 1500 to 2000 kcal / kg per ton of sludge .

Organic fertilizer

Adding some dried sludge to cow dung,the mixture will be fermented into organic fertilizer.The fermented organic
fertilizer is good, safe and convenient to use.

Building materials ,brick making

The sludge after drying can use for making aggregate concrete, cement.It can also produce color brick , permeable
brick, fiberboard.You can add it in a clay brick, when the mass ratio of 1:10, the intensity is quite ordinary red brick.
And it has a certain heat, in the brick making process can increase the heat.

Agricultural-synthetic soil conditioner

TN, TP, TK content in sludge is much higher than manure, cow dung, chicken manure. Sludge after drying abundant
organic matter, reaching 67.7%. It can landfill soil quality.



Project Advantages



Sludge Drying System    Widely used

1.Municipal wastewater treatment plant sludge process project (harmless, reduction, stabilization, resource): sludge
died and dewaterd through a special process,finally granulated for brick or high calorific value auxiliary fuel.

2.Dyeing treatment plant sludge process project: Dyeing sludge typically contains more inert material, and less organic
matter, pathogens and other content.The calorific value is low, content of heavy metals is higher in general. Dyeing Sludge
Treatment Project Features: harmless, minimization, recycling.

3.Paper mill sludge process project: where sludge great content, but which contains a lot of fiber, moisture content is
generally 95% to 99%, even after dehydration moisture was still at 60% to 80%, Paper Mill Sludge Process Project 
Features : harmless, minimization.

4.Tanneries sludge process project: sludge production is generally 40-80 tons a day.Due to the large amount of fur,
leather processing gory, so very high organic content. Tanneries Sludge Process Project Features: harmless,
minimization, recycling

5.Electroplating wastewater treatment plant sludge process project: containing cyanide and hexavalent chromium,
copper, zinc, cadmium, nickel and other heavy metals, chemical treatment of electroplating wastewater is a major
source of sludge.Electroplating sludgelow contents little organic content,and its calorific value small. Electroplating
Sludge Process Project Features: harmless, reduction, stabilization, recycling.

6.Petrochemical Plant Sludge Process Project: composition is more complex, with different kinds of heavy metals.
Generally oil sludge viscosity, high moisture content, generally up to 96% to 99%, small organic content, low calorific
value.Petrochemical Plant Sludge Process Project Feature: harmless, reduction, stabilization.

Use of waste heat,  Quick drying,    Low cost


Compliance with emission standards,    Achieve sludge recycling


High degree of automation,    Real-time monitoring of production safety



Description Of The Process

USING patented technology process of
national invention, the sludge isprocessed
in a special low-temperature drying equipment,
and then outputs high calorific value, high
hardness, diameter of 2-8 mm granule. Such
particles can be used as an auxiliary fuel,
building materials, light brick,sidewalks brick .
Light brick with features just like high intensity,
saving energy, light weight,non-radioactive, etc.
Sidewalks brick can be used for sidewalks,
roadways, squares, gardens.Sludge particles can
also be used as landfill cover soil. The most
important feature of Harmless sludge drying
process technology is simple and efficient,you can
 also create some other new economic benefits.



Typical cases

China's top 500, the PTA (purified terephthalic acid) project

of Hengli petrochemical in dalian changxing island industrial

park total investment 25 billion yuan,they want to dry the
sludge in a environmental way.Then we signed a technical
cooperation,We design a high efficiency and 
harmless sludge
drying system by using the boiler exhaust (125 °) as heat
source for large airflow drying at low temperature.


About sludg proudction line:


The initial moisturer: 85%

Daily working time:10h




Investment prospects

1、《Urban sewage treatment plant policy》 (city of [2009] No. 23)The requirements of the "urban sewage treatment plant
construction, reconstruction and expansion, the sludge treatment and disposal facilities should also be planning and sewage
treatment facilities, constructed and put into operation."

2、《Strengthening of municipal wastewater treatment plant sludge pollution prevention and control work,》(Central Office
[2010] No. 157), requested "the sewage treatment plant to storage (ie, not disposal) for the purpose of the sludge shipped
factory sector must be sludge dewatering to a moisture content of 50% or less. "

Compliance with emission standards,achieve sludge recycling.




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