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QM-3 Coal Gasifier

Feature】:  Safe,Energy-saving and environment-friendly

Shipping Port】:Shanghai,Qingdao,Tianjin.


【Application】:Widely used in all kinds of kiln,dryer and other dewater equipment.

1.Energy-saving and environment-friendly
The calories of reburning 1kg satandardized coal equals to that of 0.6kg gasoline 0.3kg liquefied petroleum gas and 6.5 degrees of electricity.
The smoke emission complies with the GB9078-96 environment-friendly standard.
2.According to your materialcustomized design
Our company can design and produce air heating furnace according to users' requirement.
We also undertake the renovation of all kinds of oil fuel natural gas coal fuel and electric air heating furnace with the heating cost 70% less than electricity 40 to 60% oil 30% gas.
3.Humanized design:
Reciprocating grate cleaner: strong ability to break and loosen slags as well as to ventilate with slim chance of slagbonding.
Special ash grate design: grate protected by low-temperature slags to prolong the grate's service time largely.
Extensive waterseal explosion preventing grooves at the part of ash hopper: apt to react and safe to use.
Combination of air producing and other heating equipment: convenient to control temperature.
Gas produced immediately by burning coal when it is needed: needless to remove ash reduce temperature or add pressure with the manufacturing cost largely reduced.
Fuel adding and slag removing operated by machines: centralized-control easy to handle and low labor intensity.
4.Convenient installation: 
Installed on ordinary ground special ground unwanted.
5.Flexibility assorted with varieties of other heating equipment:
Widely used in the environment-friendly and energy-saving technological renovation of gas-processing heating furnace gas forging furnace gas crucible furnace gas mold furnace grilled ladle gas furnace sand resin heating gas regenerates glass melting gas furnace ceramic gas furnace and the technological renovation of gas corhart smoke exhausting kiln and tunnel kiln as well as the assorted heating source renovation of drying burning and heating equipment whose temperature requirement is below 1350℃.
Model QM1.6 QM1.8 QM2.0 QM2.4 QM2.6 QM3.0 QM3.2
Chamber-diameter(mm) 1600 1800 2000 2400 2600 3000 3200
Hearth-active-surface(m2) 2.01 2.54 3.14 4.52 5.31 7.07 8.04
Fuel-consumption-quantitykg/h 350-460 500-600 500-720 700-1040 850-1200 1700-2000 1800-2200  
Gas-yieldNm³/h) 1200-1600 1500-2100 1750-2500 2500-3600 3000-4300 6000-7000 6500-7500  
Gas-calorific-valu(Kj/Nm³ 5020-6000
Water-jacket-heating-area() 11.06 12.44 17.58 21.87 23.69 30.16 32  
Steam-outputkg/h 220 260 350 420 600 840 200  
Gas-outlet-temperature() (400-500)Plants-related-with-the-coal
Gas-outlet-pressure(Pa) 980-1470 1470-1960 980-1470
Gas-exportation-diameter(mm) 426 529 630 720 820 1020 900  
Equipment-gross-weight(t) 10 20 23.4 29.8 32 37.6 16  
Complete-machine-power(kw) 8 10 14 20 20 27 7  
Tuyere-diameter(mm) 219 325 325 426 426 426 426


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