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Roller Extrusion Granulator
【Production Capacity】:1-5 t/h
Motor Power】:15-18.5 KW
【Feeding Size】:≦0.5mm
【Finish Fineness】:dia2.5-dia10
【Main Features】:quick effect ,good profit
【Quality Assurance】:CEISO9001

Introduction of Roller Extrusion Granulator:

Taida roller extruding granulator is our development of a new generation of granulation equipment. The roller extruding granulator makes the products once at the room temperature without drying by production process, two specifications of the capacity for1-1.5 tons/hour and 1.5 3 tons/hour. The equipment is less investment, quick effect, good profit. Complete sets of equipment layout is compact, rational and scientific with the advanced technologies.
Features of roll extrusion granulating machine:
Roller extruding granulator has the advantages of saving energy and reducing consumption, without waste discharge, stable operation, reliable operation, convenient maintenance. Raw material has the wide adaptability, mainly applicable to the compound fertilizer material, medicine, chemical industry, food, and all kinds of raw material granulation, and the product has high grain rate.Roller extruding granulator can produce all kinds of concentration, a variety of compound fertilizer (including organic fertilizer, chemical fertilizer, biological fertilizer, magnetic fertilizer and so on) especially rare earth, potash, compound fertilizer granulation, filling a blank in China with leading domestic level.
Taida company produces and sales products: extrusion granulator, roller extruding granulator, roller granulator, large  type extrusion granulator.
Roll extrusion granulating machine applications:
1. Monosodium glutamate wastewater technology organic and inorganic fertilizers process
2. Industrial waste organic and inorganic fertilizer spray granulation process
3. Compound fertilizer extrusion granulation process
4. Powdered organic manure and inorganic fertilizer process
5. Powdery manure organic fertilizer process

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