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Sawdust Burner

Fuel】:  Sawdust,rice husk powder,wood powder,bamboo powder and others.

Fuel Moisture Content】: Less than 15%.

Heating Value】:300,000-6000,000 kcal.

【Application】:Widely used in all kinds bofilers, drying, machine, industrial furnace and other heat source industries.

Wood powder burner is a biomass burner which make the sawdust,rice husk powder,wood powder,bamboo powder etc as fuel biomass burner fuel.
 With the situation tension of coal, natural gas, oil and other energy, and the environmental pollution problem is increasingly serious, various industries began to gradually strengthen the use of renewable energy awareness, among the utilization of biomass energy is currently the most feasible method. 
Biomass is the most widespread material, it includes the life substance derived,excretion,metabolism and other organic matters of all animal, plant and microorganism derived. All kinds of biomass has certain energy.Based on biomass as the carrier, the energy produced from biomass is the biomass energy. Biomass energy is a energy type which solar energy stored in the form of a bio energy as chemical energy, directly or indirectly from plant photosynthesis. The energy on the earth which the plants consume for photosynthesis accounting 0.2% of the total amount of the sun to the earth radiation,this proportion is not large, but the absolute value is staggering: photosynthesis energy consumption is 40 times of the current human total energy consumption. So the biomass energy is a huge energy.


Wood Powder Burner is one new energy saving and environmental protection equipment researched and developed according to the market demand.It is with independent intellectual property rights, advanced design concept ,reasonable structure, strong adaptability, high combustion efficiency, moved flexible.

The greatest feature of this machine is:
1.Wood powder burner, this inner diameter of the burner adopt high temperature refractory boiler steel brick. The gun head adopt procurement emery rare earth nanometer material, can be used continuously in 24 hours with high temperature, suitable for large tonnage of fuel, gas boiler, combustion stability. 
2, Strong burn material optionality. Can burn various powdery biomass raw material. (the processed powder of crops straw, rice straw, corn stalk, cotton stalk, peanut shell, corn cob etc and forest product branches, leaves, roots, bark, sawdust, wood shavings, bamboo powder etc offcut,low cost and inexhaustible.) 
3, High heating temperature: this technique uses two times of air distribution, in the furnace pressure in the 500 - 700mm water column in order to ensure the normal flow of jet area. Continuous feeding and continuous work, stable flame and the temperature in the high temperature section can reach 1150 DEG C, the thermal efficiency can reach above 95%,are widely used in industry. 
4, Connect easy,connect with the original boiler directly ,no need to change the original boiler body. 
5, Humanization design: small volume of the complete machine,structure compact, the bottom is provided with the guide wheel, flexible movement. Convenient maintenance of boiler. 
6, The economic and energy saving: the mechanism design of the wood powder burner is reasonable, low modification cost for various equipment, the running cost is 60% lower more than oil boiler, the heating fuel boiler is 40% lower more than gas boiler, it is the best choice for the energy-saving & protection of update and reform of the electric furnace,oil furnace, gas furnace.
7, Green environmental protection: no pollution ,environmental protection benefit is obvious,make renewable biomass energy as fuel, achieve the sustainable use of energy. Using high temperature sectional combustion technology, the emissions of NOX, SO2 and dust in the flue gas is low, it is the alternative machine of oil(gas)burner,electric heating. 
8,No waste emissions of tar, waste water and other kinds of waste ,using high temperature pyrolysis combustion technology, tar combust directly as gaseous forms,solving the technical problems which the biomass gasification tar content is high, to avoid the two pollution water washing which tar brings.
Raw materials as fuel:

Application Scope
Wood powder burner 
is suitable for drying equipment, kitchen equipment, food drying equipment, painting line body, electroplating factory oven, boiler, small power plant boiler, industrial furnace, incinerator, smelting furnace, die casting machine, ironing equipment, baking equipment, road building equipment, industrial annealing furnace, fuel, large tonnage coal-fired boiler,provide heat source for asphalt heating equipment and other industries .

Model Fuel bin



Diesel oil


Heavy oil


Fuel gas


Heat value
W0.5 800*2000 70 65 30 31 38 300,000
W1.0 800*2000 155 140 60 63 75 600,000
W1.5 1000*2400 230 210 90 94 113 900,000
W2.0 1000*2400 310 280 120 125 150 1200,000
W3.0 1200*3000 460 415 180 188 225 1800,000
W4.0 1200*3000 600 540 240 250 300 2400,000
W6.0 1500*3000 1000 900 360 375 450 3600,000
W8.0 1500*3000 1200 1100 480 500 600 4800,000
W10.0 1500*3000 1500 1350 600 625 750 6000,000


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