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Single-Shell Rotary Dryer

【Application】widely used to drying many material, such as wood chips, sawdust, bean dregs, slag,sand,  coal slurry and other materials
【capacity】44-260 ton/ day
【motor】28-135 kw
【Drying temperature】250-350 ℃
Instruction of Rotary Dryer
The single-shell rotary dryer is applicable for the drying process of high-moisture and high-viscosity materials like coal, mud, flyash, sands, slags, and woodchips, widely used in the field of building material, metallurgy, chemical engineering, and cement. The single-shell dryer is mainly consist of drum, lifting board, transmission mechanism, support mechanism and seal ring, which have the features of proper configuration, high output, low energy cost and user-friendly operation.
Principle of Rotary Dryer
The single-shell dryer adopts concurrent heating, of which the heat resource comes from the furnace.  Wet materials are conveyed into the drum through feeding box and lifted toward the other end by screw flights.  Since the drum inclines against the ground, wet materials are pushed towards the discharge outlet under the work of gravity and rotation. Meanwhile, they are lifted up and down by flights, which forms a mass curtain inside the drum. By this method, wet materials are fully connected with hot flow and finish the drying process.
Product features
1.The design of unique flights combination and center secondary lifter device avoids the form of flow tunnel, largely increasing the heat exchange efficiency.
2.Multiple circumferential flights combination ensure the control of drying period and effect. 
3.The connection design of gear - drum solve the connection and installation problems of flexible plates and ensure the steady work of rotary drum.
4.Our rotary dryer product is equipped with high-temperature fluidized bed furnaces, which have the advantage of quick burning, high heat supply and high heat efficiency. 
5.Integrated processing system realizes the automatic control of heating, drying and dedusting. The exhaust gas meets the requirement of environment department.
6.Low maintenance cost. 
 Wide applicability. Our product can be used for the drying process of clay, slag, iron powder, and coal
Model TD1210 TD1409 TD1412 TD1415 TD1615 TD1918
capacity(t/d) 44.0-19.5 46.5-20.5 61.7-25 77.2-31.2 88.O-39.0 125.6-50.9
water evaporation (t/h) 0.565 0.595 0.792 O.990 1.13 1.61
initial moisture(%) 35%-50% 35%-50% 35%-50% 35%-50% 35%-50% 35%-50%
final moisture 12%-15% 12%-15% 12%-15% 12%-15% 12%-15% 12%-15%
drying temperature(℃) 270±30℃ 270±30℃ 270±30℃ 270±30℃ 270±30℃ 270±30℃
total power(kw) 28 34 34 36.5 45 51
floor area(m2) 5m×15m 5m×15m 5m×18m 6m×22m 6m×22m 7m×25m


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