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Wood Chips Dryer

【Application】drying wood chips, sawdust, wood powder and other materials 
【Capacity】44-260 ton/ day 
【Motor】28-135 kw 
【Drying temperature】250-350 ℃
The Wood Chips dryer is used for pellet sawdust,powder sawdust or wood chips. Wet materials are continuously sent into drum through screw conveyer and then get separated and pushed by high-speed hot flow. The moisture in wet materials is taken away in this process and then we get powder or pellet dry materials.

 Wood Chips dryer are widely used for the drying of straw briquette, charcoal, wood pellet fuel, sawdust briquette, corn straw, soybean straw, cotton stalk, wheat straw, sorghum stalk, wood shavings, sawdust, gingko leaf, mulberry leaves and other fiber materials. 

 Wood Chips dryer are consist of heating furnace, feeding port, drum, filter drum, pipe conveying, conveying pipe, cooling drum and discharging port.

Sawdust is fully dried in rotary drum and gets separated again before entering conveying pipe for further drying. The baffler can keep the impurities out of conveying pipe and ensures the high quality of dried sawdust. With the combined work of rotary drum and injection pipe, wet materials are fluidized and full contacted with hot flow. 

Product Features
1.Great drying effect. Wet materials are highly separated in hot flow. The effective drying area is approaching the total surface area of particles.
2.The design of heat conduction pipe is simple, space-saving and convenient for maintenance and repair. 
3.Short drying period. High efficiency and energy saving. 
4.Large output and high heat efficiency 。For unbound water, the heat efficiency can be as high as 60%.
model TD1210 TD1409 TD1615 TD2010/3 TD2210/3 TD2510/3 TD2512/3 TD2912/3
capacity(t/d) 44.0-19.5 46.5-20.5 88.0-39.0 144.5-63.5 154.5-67.5 193.5-83.5 227.0-100.0 268.0-120.0
vaporization(t/h) 0.565 0.595 1.13 1.85 1.976 2.427 2.912 3.432
early moisture(%) 35-50%
final moisture(%) 12-15%(adjusting)
drying temperature(℃) 270±30℃
total motor power(kw) 28 34 45 78 85 110 125 135
total weight(kg) 13500 15500 19500 25000 27000 35000 38000 43500
cover area(℃) 5m*15m 5m*15m 6m*22m 8m*18m 8m*18m 10m*18m 10m*20m 10m*22m


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