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Wood Pellet Machine

【Application】: The product can used as fodder, the fuel of burners and others.

【Moisture Content】:10-15%.
【Raw Materials】:Corn Straw,sawdust, rice husk,wheat straw,peanut shell and other mateiral.
【Particle diameter】:4-12mm.

Wood pellet machine is a kind of equipment based on wood chips, sawdust and other raw material to produce biomass pellet fuel , as a source of renewable raw materials, the biomass pellet fuel is called a renewable green energy source, which is the best choice to replace fossil fuels such as coal.
Note: The capacity of below pellet machine are different according to different materials, generally speaking, straw production is usually higher, sawdust is a little lower.
Model Power(kw) Capacity(t/h) Ring Model Diameter(mm) Particle Size (mm)
TDMXCX350 55 0.7 350 Φ2-Φ18
TDMXCX400 75/90 1.0 400 Φ2-Φ18
TDMXCX420 90/110 1.3 420 Φ2-Φ18
TDMXCX508 110/132/160 1.8 508 Φ2-Φ18


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