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Product Introduction

  Drum scraper dryer is a kind of rotary continuous drying equipment which is characterized by internal heating mode. Rotary drum will pass through lower feed chute where a layer of material film which holds a certain thickness adheres to. Heat is conveyed to inner wall of rotary drum by pipe and then conveyed to external wall. Then, heat will be conveyed to material film, which will make moisture content in materials evaporated and dehydrated. Materials which have been dried will be put on scraper which is on the surface of rotary drum. Then, materials will be sent out from rotary drum to a conveyor which is located under the lower part of scraper. Finally, materials will be collected and packed through screw conveyor.

steam drum scrapper dryer


Yeast dryers are composed of drum frame transmission system scraper device material limit device scraping device feeder steam system structure electric control cabinet and exhaust hood. Product features :

1)Drum is made of high-quality cast iron which is deeply processed and polished and have the advantage of corrosion prevention and non-pollution.
2)The design of heat conduction could largely reduce the heat loss from heat media raising the heat efficiency to 70% and lowering the energy cost.
3)Compact distribution space saving convenience operation and maintenance.
4) Yeast dryer is designed ba
sed on the German machinery technique and local conditions which has outstanding features.

Technical Parameter

Model Drum size Drying area Drying capacity Heating mode Motor power Overall dimensions Weight
GERG600 φ600×800 1.12 40-70 Steam/electricity 2.2 1700*800*1500 850
GERG700 φ700×1000 1.65 60-90 Steam/electricity 3 2100*1000*1800 1210
GERG800 φ800×1200 2.226 90-130 Steam/electricity 4 2500*1100*1980 1700
GERG1000 φ1000×1400 3.30 130-190 Steam/electricity 5.5 2700*1300*2250 2100
GERG1200 φ1200×1500 4.24 160-250 Steam/electricity 7.5 2800*1500*2450 2650
GERG1400 φ1400×1600 5.28 210-310 Steam/electricity 7.5 3150*1700*2800 3220
GERG1600 φ1600×1800 6.79 270-400 Steam/electricity 11 3350*1900*3150 4350
GERG1800 φ1800×2000 8.48 330-500 Steam/electricity 15 3600*2050*3500 5100
GERG1825 φ1800×2500 10.6 420-630 Steam/electricity 15 4100*2650*3500 6150
GERG2000 φ2000×2500 11.775 510-840 Steam/electricity 18.5 4100*2650*3500 7380
GERG2025 φ2000×3000 14.13 610-990 Steam/electricity 18.5 4200*3520*3700 8610
GERG2500 φ2500×3000 17.6625 810-1240 Steam/electricity 18.5 4200*3900*4000 9000
GERG2540 φ2500×4000 23.55 920-1650 Steam/electricity 22 5300*3900*4000 11070

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