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  • Industrial Dryer
    Industrial Dryer

    What is advantages of TAIDA rotary kiln ? Active lime kiln has advanced structure. The vertical pre-heat with low-pressure loss can effectively improve the pre-heating effect, and the in-kiln decomposition rate of the pre-heated limestone can reach 20-25% and the 10-15mm fine particle limestone materials can be directly used.

  • Triple-drum dryer
    Triple-drum dryer

    What is the shaft kiln ? 1、Feeding equipment After the raw materials mixing well by the proportioning belt,transported by elevator to the feeding device which is on the top of the kiln, by adjusting the rotation angle can be achieved 9 regional materials feeding work. 2、Material level control: High efficiency energy saving mechanical shaft kiln are devided into low level and high level depend on the processing technology, achieved shaft kiln inside material level automatic reasonable control, material level keeps the kiln feed and discharging balance. 3、Discharging device By using the disc cinder machine with two layers of sealed gate,it can make sure the discharging evenly and well sealed, then the kiln air supply can be stable. 4、Air-blasting equipment: Use centrifugal blower supply air to bottom of kiln, to keep positive pressure at the bottom of kiln, and micro positive pressure at the top of kiln. 5、The function of the automatic control system Our machines adopt PLD control system, own great monitoring in the shaft kiln ignition,making the feeding system smooth,stablizing the calcining zone,discharge air system etc.

Drying Production Line

Philippines sand dryer equipment Site

Sand drying equipment
Item Time:July,2015
Dryer Model:TD1000
Capacity :3t/h
TAIDA Sand drying equipment arrive in Philippines very soon .Near Christmas, our engineers went to Philippines for debugging, our customer feels  good because of intimate services all the time,and he was very satisfied. My company installation debugging personnel immediately into work, 
tireless work of installation and debugging equipment, in order to let the customer use as soon as possible.
sand equipment

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