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Taida Drying with you celebrate the Chinese Spring Festival

Just in the past few days is China's most important traditional festival - the Spring Festival, is also a festival of Chinese people the most significance, in this day, no matter where wandering all want to back home, stay with their loved ones, stay up all night on New Year's Eve and “sit out the year”.
Therefore, school, company will give at this time of holidays, let everyone have a chance to go home for the holiday.

Today, is the first working day after the holiday, the festive atmosphere did not die, but I, on behalf of Taida drying, will share this happy with you, no matter which country you come from, no matter whether we are talking the same language.
In the New Year - you may wonder, 2015 is not already? But for the traditional Chinese calendar, it's a New Year. Taida will continue to consistently insist on our faith, to give you the best, not only for the products -dryer, ball mill, rotary kiln etc., and for our confident part --service.
Finally, I wish you all a happy New Year!



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