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Indonesia Customer Inspect Sludge Dryer In Taida Workshop

   Goods tthings always takes long time for coming. Zhengzhou Taida, as a professional drying machine manufacturer put customer's demands and interests at first place. We have been dedicated to R&D of sludge drying machine for many years. Good drying effect and low energy cost of Taida sludge dryer  attracts customers' attention from all over world. Through years's innovation and development, we have multiple series sludge drying system suitable for sludge drying. In the year of 2018, we exported two sets of sludge dryer to Indonesia for drying textile sludge. Seeing is believing. The successful working site there provides evidence for Taida dryer's good performance. Sludge dryer is highly demanded in Indonesa market. After checking the real drying effect, more and more Indonesia customers refer to Taida for inquirying sludge dryer. 

sludge dryer supplier manufacturer

  After times's communication and visiting, this Indonesia customer settled the cooperation inclination with us. Their only requirement is that they want to inspect the sludge dryer system before delivery. In order to perfectly meet customers' demand, Taida workshop set up the whole system in advance and invite customer to inspect whole sludgedrying system.  During the test running process, customer is very satisfied with the dryness and capacity of the sludge dryer.  Attached with a photo at inspection site. 



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