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Question: Can Lime Vertical Kiln Use Coal Gasifier As Heat Source?

 Question: Can Lime Vertical Kiln Use Coal Gasifier As Heat Source?
  Limestone calcining kiln is a very commonly applied equipment in construction industry. At present, there are two kinds of kiln suitable for lime calcining. One is horizontal rotary kiln and the other type is vertical lime kiln. Maybe not many people are familar to vertical kiln. Actually, vertical calcining kiln is a very mature technology applied by many customers at home and abroad. 

  As for lime vertical kiln, there are two typical process. One is making use of coal as heat source. Coal and raw materials will enter vertical kiln at the same time for reaction. The other one is making use of gas as heat source. Coal gasifier is the most cost effetive and simple configuration for vertical lime kiln. 



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