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Batch Seed Drum Dryer







Heat source


Coal, gas, oil,wood

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Product Introduction

 Taeda intermittent external heating drum dryer is a kind of batch working drum dryer which can be used to deal with almost any kinds of materials, like gypsum, wood, sand stone, mineral ore, olive, grain, peanut, grass, mineral powde, tea, shrimp, feedstuff and etc. TDCW batch dryer adopts superior heat-resistant plate which makes equipment longer service and efficient production capacity. TDCW batch dryer can match with various fuels for heating, like coal, wood, natural gas, diesel, electricity and diesel which can meet customers' different conditions. 

batch roaster drum dryer

Application: can be applied to melon seeds, peanuts, dried fruits, medicine, wood, grains, forage grass and coal slime.


Ø Easy installation: easy installation and demolition, small covering area; can be installed both indoor and outdoor;
Ø High efficiency and energy saving: a great amount of heat can be absorbed by consuming a little amount of power;
Ø No pollution to environment: without any inflamer and emission; is a kind of sustainable product which is friendly to envrionment;
Ø Stable and reliable performance: no danger of burning, exploding, poisoning and short circuit;

Technical Parameter

Model Effective space (mm) Output capacity (kg/h) Power (kw)
TDCW630 600*3000 100-200 2.2
TDCW820 800*2000 200-300 3
TDCW1230 1200*3000 300-500 4
TDCW1545 1500*4500 400-600 5.5
TDCW1845 1800*4500 800-1200 7.5
TDCW2250 2200*5000 1500-2000 11

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