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Three Drum Dryer







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Product Introduction

Three-cylinder dryer is one of the drying equipment series. It is high-efficient and energy-saving equipment developed from monocular drum dryer. After being applied to many enterprises and industries, it gets a good response. based on existing inner structure of monocular drum dryer, the process of predrying is added this equipment. In addition, drying time of wet materials is expanded. Thanks to sealing device, heat preservation and other reasonable supporting measures, the production capacity of this equipment is increased by 50 to 80% on the base of old monocular drum dryer. The evaporation intensity reaches up to 120 to 180 kilograms for each cubic meter. Owing to advanced technology, reasonable parameter and simple operation, it is widely used to industries for drying mineral slag, clay, coal, iron powder, mineral powder and other mixed materials.

three drum dryer

Structure: mainly composed of scattering device, belt charging machine, feeder, drums, belt discharging machine, induced draft fan, dumper and distribution box.
Application: Due to its great adapability, simple structure and high reliability, it is mainly used for materials with certain humidity and granularities in beneficiation, building materials, me
tallurgy and etc.



Ø Reasonable design, high efficiency and energy saving;
Ø Wide range of use, easy installation, easy operation, reliable running and high efficiency;
Ø Superficial area is reduced by more than 30%; high thermal insulation, low thermal loss; working environment and working condition are improved greatly;
Ø Various designs of lifting plates make the exchange between hot flue gas and materials more fully. The possibility of wind tunnel generation in drum is reduced.
Ø Frequency speed governing device is adopted; rotation speed can be controlled according to moisture content and output requirement, which makes the operation more convenient.

Technical Parameter

Capacity (t/h)  Power (Kw)
Slag Fly Ash Clay Sand
TDLT320.1 5~10 4 4~6 10~15 11
TDLT320.2 10~15 6 6~8 15~20 11
TDLT325.1 20~25 8 8~12 20~25 15
TDLT325.2 25~30 10 12~15 25~30 15
TDLT328 30~35 15 15~20 35~40 22
TDLT330.1 35~40 20 20~25 40~45 30
TDLT330.2 40~45 25 25~30 45~50 30
TDLT332.1 45~50 30 30~35 50~60 44
TDLT332.2 50~60 35~40 35~40 60~70 44
TDLT336 60~70 40~45 40~45 70~80 60
TDLT338 70~80 45~50 45~50 80~90 60
TDLT340 80~90 50~60 50~60 90~100 74

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